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Looking for first-class service that is affordable, accessible, and personal? We’re here for you! We have curated a simple approach to providing excellent medical care at the lowest possible cost. Call for an appointment – we look forward to serving you!



Most find our prices reasonable, and payment is due at the time of service. Our standard office visit is $60 ($50 for students under the age of 25). Most routine lab tests range from $20-$60. Routine injections usually range from $20-$60. For your convenience, you can call to schedule an appointment.



It can takes months to get access to specialty doctors. At Clark Family Medicine, LLC we can usually get you an appointment within the SAME-DAY.



Dr. Clark and his staff have been providing quality care for the Ozarks for over twenty years. Their values of serving and ministry create a welcoming environment to their new and lifelong patients.

frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

To keep our costs low, we do not receive insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.

What Insurers is Clark Family Medicine affiliated with?

Clark Family Medicine is non-affiliated with any insurers/HMOs/hospitals, so it is advantageous for you to maintain a physician-patient relationship with a primary care physician in your insurance network or a physician who has hospital-admitting privileges.

You can seek out your regular network physician when you need ongoing primary care follow-up, and when you need extensive testing, hospitalization, or have “more serious” conditions (disability determinations, chronic pain management, chronic nervous conditions, etc.). Serious conditions are best treated by specialists.

What if I am on Medicare?

If you are on Medicare, you can still come to see Dr. Clark. However, we have “opted-out” of Medicare. You will need to sign an opt-out form, which we will provide, prior to seeing Dr. Clark (please let the receptionist know when checking in). We do not receive Medicare as payment, and we do not file Medicare.

Since we have opted-out, Medicare patients are not allowed to file our office charge with Medicare, and payment is due at the time of service. All Medicare patients are encouraged to establish a doctor-patient relationship with a Medicare physician (such as a geriatrician or a general internist).

What if I have private insurance?

If you have private insurance you can still come see Dr. Clark. However, we do not accept private insurance. Also, we do not “code” claims or file private insurance. We can provide you with a non-coded encounter form if you wish to self-code your visit and file it with your insurance.



  • Dr. Jonathan Clark, M.D.
    Dr. Jonathan Clark, M.D. Owner, Family Practitioner

    Dr. Jonathan Clark was raised locally and received his medical doctorate from University of Missouri—Columbia. He is board-certified in family medicine, and has been practicing for over twenty years at Clark Family Medicine. As well as being a family practitioner, Dr. Clark is also an associate pastor at Abundant Life Church in Springfield, MO, and has served at ALC since 2009.

  • Dr. John Schiffbauer, M.D., FAAP In-house Pediatrician

    Dr. John Schiffbauer, M.D., FAAP has been practicing pediatrics since 1977. Dr. John and his wife LeeAnn have resided in Springfield, Missouri since 2012 with their fun-loving golden retriever. He passionately cares about your kids and desires to help all your needs! Visit his website here.

  • Tricia Wagner
    Tricia Wagner Nurse Practitioner

    Patricia Wagner is an in-house Nurse Practitioner that partners with Dr. Clark at Clark Family Medicine. She has had a decorated career and currently serves additionally as the Dean of Clinical Education at Chamberlin University.

  • Pat Cook
    Pat Cook Office Manager

    Although Pat Cook is our business manager, she wears many hats. You may find Pat working as our receptionist or working in the back office making phone calls. She has worked with Dr. Clark since 2004.

  • Shirley Ernst
    Shirley Ernst Office Assistant

    Shirley Ernst has worked at the clinic with Dr. Clark since 1996. As our primary receptionist, she will answer your incoming phone calls and greet you during your office visits.

  • Christa Clark
    Christa Clark Co-Owner, Office Assistant

    Christa is the wife of Dr. Clark and is a co-owner of Clark Family Medicine. She and Dr. Clark have been married since 1984 and have three children. She serves in the office as an office assistant. Christa is also an associate pastor at Abundant Life Church in Springfield, MO.

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