The Kingdom of God in Honduras

I just returned from my first overseas mission trip to Honduras. Our church (Abundant Life) takes a mission team to Honduras every year to share the love of Jesus. It was amazing. We saw 753 people receive Jesus into their hearts. We saw at least 117 miraculous healings as Jesus demonstrated His compassionate power and love. I am reminded of all the places in scripture where Jesus said that these things would happen as He sends out His followers to share the good news of the Kingdom of God.

As the kingdom of heaven invades Honduras with conversions and miracles, people’s lives will change from the inside. This is a beginning point for the people of Honduras. There is still much more of the kingdom of God that is needed to infiltrate the cities and villages and transform the nation…clean water, public health, sanitation, paved streets, infrastructure, sewer systems, and so much more. As the churches grow by individuals being transformed, the villages and cities and the nation itself can be impacted. The gospel (the great news) of the Kingdom of God changes people and nations.