A Self-Help List – What to do When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

NOT HELPFUL (Really bad ideas):

1. Don’t flog yourself

2. Don’t slog in self-pity

3. Don’t eat like a hog

4. Don’t drink too much eggnog

5. Don’t squish a frog

6. Don’t kick your dog

7. Don’t kick someone else’s dog or you might start Gog and Magog


1. Blogging

2. Clogging (if you like that sort of thing)

3. Travelling to Prague (if you like to travel)


1. Pet your dog until it wogs its tail (sorry about that)

2. Jog to unclog your grog but not in the fog or the smog or through a pete bog so that you don’t trip over a log and bruise your nog


1. “Dialog” with God and He will remove your eye-log and clear the fog so that you can become the primary cog in changing your circumstances